Jeffrey "Shepherd" Garcia is a south Florida-based Christian hip-hop artist. Featured on Rapzilla, Jam The Hype and Trackstarz, Shepherd has collaborated with CHH artists such as Dre Murray of Collision Records, Surf Gvng, Co Campbell & more!

At an early age, Shepherd fell in love with hip-hop and began writing music. Raised in a fatherless home since the age of 8, his single mother’s strong Christian values kept him aligned to the faith. Straying away and being baptized countless times, it was at the age of 14 that Shepherd truly felt a radical and sincere call in his life that shifted his entire lifestyle and heart.  Embracing his parent's culture and the city he grew up in, (Hollywood, FL), his newest project "Maverick Soul" expresses his strong views on identity and purpose.  Not only speaking out of on where he is now in life, he's also dedicated himself to helping other realize who they are. We are all mavericks. We all like to be known as freethinkers and outlaws, cause we know this world can't be it. There has to be more. But where does true freedom come from?

Now at the age of 18 & ready to release his Freshmen Album, Shepherd seeks to live out his faith as a young man in a culture overwhelmed with false perceptions of freedom and manhood. Shepherd’s mission is to help people realize who they truly are and who they can be. Pervasive in his lyrics is a passion for discipleship, evangelism, and missions. Shepherd’s vision is to create excellent music with the chief end of seeing Christ glorified and the nations change.

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