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Christmas Special

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Tons of new music, NF is back for his 2nd time on our Artist Interview Segment, DJ RECKLESS is LIVE IN THE MIX, Tru Serva is our Indie Spotlight and we countdown your 4 faves on JTH's YOUR HOT 4! Killer Episode!!

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Jam The Hype LIVE re-airs our Christmas Special from 2012 featuring 2 hours of Christmas Holiday Jam Songs!

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Da Truth joins us on the phone and drops some HUGE news!  MC Mike is LIVE IN THE MIX, TSO is on our Indie Spotlight and we count down the 4 hottest songs on the glode on JTH's YOUR HOT 4!

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Episode 562 - Jam The Hype With Chris Chicago - Interview with @WHOSOEVERSOUTH

Tons of new music, WHOSOEVERSOUTH on the artist interview segment, DJ TITUZ is LIVE IN THE MIX, Eternal Jam Machine on the Indie Spotlight and we count down the 4 hottest jams on the globe on JTH's YOUR HOT 4! Download and get yo jam on!

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DJ Official ft. Lecrae, Tedashii, Sho Baraka,& Trip Lee - On My 116 

MC Jin - Complicated 

Trip Lee - Manolo feat. Lecrae

Je’kob – Supernova Ft. Deraj

TJ Pompeo - Cool Kids  f. Canon


Teen Challenge Spot


JTH Artist Interview Segment

Drew Allen Interview Part 1 

Drew Allen – Shoot Me Down

Drew Allen Interview Part 2

Drew Allen – I Love It Ft. FLO

Drew Allen Interview Part 3

Drew Allen – Pieces 



Whosoever South – Get Down Remix

Lecrae – Tell the World Remix

Jai – God  is Enough Remix

FF5 FT Lecrae – Cray Button Remix

Andy Mineo – Neverland Remix

P.O.D. - Youth of the Nation Remix

Lecrae Background Remix

FF5 – Chainsaw Remix

MC Jin & Moishi – I wanna Be Free

Je'kob – Don't Let Go Remix


Indie Artist Spotlight

Benjamin Rea – Eight Days


Dee-1 – Against Us

Jam The Hype’s YOUR HOT 4

4. Lecrae – Say I Won’t Ft. Andy Mineo

3. Trip Lee - Shweet

2. Gsep Music - Ambition

1. Picassomusik - We Rocking feat. Ric Flo & Swift

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Interview with Trip Lee Part 1

Trip Lee - Manolo ft. Lecrae

Interview with Trip Lee Part 2

Trip Lee - Sweet Victory ft. Dmitri Mcdowell & Leah Smith

Interview with Trip Lee Part 3

Trip Lee - Shweet

Interview with Trip Lee Part 4


Interview with KJ-52 Part 1

KJ52 - Gameface (feat. KB, Soul Glo Activatur, Flame) [2nd Half Edition]

Interview with KJ-52 Part 2

KJ52 - Mental

Interview with KJ-52 Part 3 

Kj52 – Tonight (‘CLIP’)

Interview with KJ-52 Part 4


Thi’sl - Windows Down

Michael W. Smith - Agnus Del (Reckless Remix) 

LaToria  - Loose 

V.Rose  - Am I Trending

T. Haddy - Let Me In 

Witness - Dead Or In Jail 

Matt Redman -10,000 Reasons (Reckless Remix) 

Json - Work 

1st Infantry - Take It To Em’ 

Andy Mineo - You Can’t Stop Me 

Indie Artist Spotlight

Primisis – Morphin Out

Lecrae - Violence

Jam The Hype’s YOUR HOT 4

4. Social Club - Benjamin Trillington

3. Trip Lee - Manolo feat. Lecrae

2. Gsep Music - Ambition

1. Witness - Dead Or In Jail feat. J'son & Brother 3

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