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J-NiBB’s outlook on life has always been unique, but simple: "If you want something badly enough, then either go get it, or find a way to make it happen!". He has never recognized "I can't." His participation in sports brought him recognition for both his leadership and motivational skills. In his senior year, it seemed that his football dream was about to become a reality. That fragile dream was brought to an abrupt end through shifted discs in his spine (which pinched his sciatic nerve) and then, a broken arm. The most important football season of his entire high school career would be spent on the bench.

Hip Hop was introduced to J-NiBB by his older brother (who didn't want his old CD's, anymore). In this case, one man's "trash" certainly turned out to be another's "treasure." The first song he remembers hearing was "Move, B***H," by Ludacris. Immediately, he loved the beat and flow that Luda produced. A few years later "the name" J-NiBB was born.

At the age of 19, it began to be part of a serious lifestyle when
J-NiBB released his first CD, entitled "The Warm-Up." Its success gave him the opportunity to sign a distribution deal with a branch of Universal Records, as well as performing alongside hip-hop icons such as Big Sean, Bone Thugs N Harmony, Dizzy Wright, Twista, Souls of Mischief, Nappy Roots, Wu-Tang, King Chip (Chip Tha Ripper), and Project Pat. He also hit the Top 10 on major radio stations in Mississippi, as well as headlining the Mississippi College Tour. In 2014, J-NiBB released his second CD "Sleepless Nights & Early Mornings," which landed him in the XXL Magazine, and took him to Hollywood. With successes mounting, J-NiBB's personal life (his desires and inclinations) began to have undue influence. The funny thing is that from the beginning, he was frequently told that the music that he was producing should be music focused on God. With no ear to hear that, He would take a "back seat" until His Plan for
J-NiBB's life was fully executed.

As God began His move on J-NiBB "in earnest," attaining success appeared to be becoming more difficult. Not only that, but the back injury became worse - and he was almost unable to walk for two weeks. About a week before he was "put on his back," he received a prayer cloth from Transformed Life Church (where he attends and is pastored by Brian T. Hamilton). The pain was so great that he decided to use the cloth. While doing so, he noticed a small "shift" and after four years, 5 shifted discs, "out-of-alignment" hips, a pinched sciatic nerve, chiropractic treatment, and tons of pain pills - J-NiBB woke up the next day free of pain! He had been healed!

God didn't stop there. You see, after He had healed Him, He sent him yet another encounter with someone encouraging him to dedicate his music to God. As is His custom, God made this "appeal" a little different: in the middle of a Sunday service, Pastor Hamilton called him out, telling him "...the Holy Ghost told me that you need to make a song for God!" Through this, the entire "plan" was laid out, healing both J-NiBB's body - and soul.

Once the first song was completed the fire was lit. J-NiBB has went on to finishing 2 independent tours in 2016 off his newest CD Internal Conversations (marketed by RAPZILLA) which is available on all online outlets. He performed in the NorthWest Creation Fest and other major festivals. He's been performing along side national and international artists such as KB, Fire Flight, K-Drama, Veridia, Blanca, Random Hero, Ilia, We Are Leo, Tauren Wells, and more. Making it back on major radio is a big accomplishment as well in Grand Rapids, MI.

2017 is looking very bright and J-NiBB is more than ready back in the studio working on a new project now. Keep up with him on all social media.


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Jeffrey "Shepherd" Garcia is a south Florida-based Christian hip-hop artist. Featured on Rapzilla, Jam The Hype and Trackstarz, Shepherd has collaborated with CHH artists such as Dre Murray of Collision Records, Surf Gvng, Co Campbell & more!

At an early age, Shepherd fell in love with hip-hop and began writing music. Raised in a fatherless home since the age of 8, his single mother’s strong Christian values kept him aligned to the faith. Straying away and being baptized countless times, it was at the age of 14 that Shepherd truly felt a radical and sincere call in his life that shifted his entire lifestyle and heart.  Embracing his parent's culture and the city he grew up in, (Hollywood, FL), his newest project "Maverick Soul" expresses his strong views on identity and purpose.  Not only speaking out of on where he is now in life, he's also dedicated himself to helping other realize who they are. We are all mavericks. We all like to be known as freethinkers and outlaws, cause we know this world can't be it. There has to be more. But where does true freedom come from?

Now at the age of 18 & ready to release his Freshmen Album, Shepherd seeks to live out his faith as a young man in a culture overwhelmed with false perceptions of freedom and manhood. Shepherd’s mission is to help people realize who they truly are and who they can be. Pervasive in his lyrics is a passion for discipleship, evangelism, and missions. Shepherd’s vision is to create excellent music with the chief end of seeing Christ glorified and the nations change.

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Meet Corey Wise, from Jacksonville FL - Rapper, Poet, Father & Aspiring Pastor Matthew 6:31-34 "Vision Album Otw ?" Twitter: @CoreyWise91

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A young creative from the Upstate of South Carolina, Slick Frenzy is becoming a force in hip hop. With penetrating lyrics that push against the norms and production that enthralls the listener, Slick Frenzy hopes to become an influential voice in the music industry.

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Meet, Calvin Cofield and hear his new song "Stay"

“Stay” is a song that encourages people to stay with God no matter the circumstances! Many people are walking away from God and His Son Jesus the Christ and also the faith. They are walking away for various reasons. But it doesn’t matter where you find yourself, God can lift you and redeem you from any situation. If you love, trust and believe Him and are called according to His will, all things will work together for your good. (Romans 8:28) Hold on to Him because there will be a day that we will live with Him FOREVER!!

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The reason we call ourselves Elevated is because our goal is to uplift and empower anyone that we can through sharing the Word of God and letting them know that we, as Christians, have the same struggles as everyone else...we just use music to get the message across. No one has to stay down just because you fall short sometimes.

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Up-and-coming rapper/artist from the Midwest.  Meet, Echo.

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17 Years Old / Producer / Artist / Songwriter.  Meet, Nasir Billups.

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Believer. Artist. Engineer. Songwriter. Meet, AC.

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